About Us

Creem Lingerie was originally an Australian retail organization now wholely owned and administered by Creem Lingerie Inc through offices in Hong Kong and mainland China.

As the world garment industry continued to gravitate to Asia to secure product and remain competitive, it has become essential for not only large, but also even small to medium sized fashion businesses to relocate their product procurement divisions to these new fashion centres.

Creem originally established its foothold in Asia in the 1990's, gradually increasing its presents to the point where all operations, apart from the retail division in Australia, are now centred in Hong Kong and China.

The for-runner of the Creem retail chain was established in Melbourne and Perth Australia in the 1980's and developed, over a number of incarnations, to become the Creem Lingerie business as it exists today.

The advent of the internet has caused a structural change in the retail business worldwide, especially in countries like Australia where uncompetitively high store rentals, and very high weekend salary structures necessitate the charging of prices which many customers are no longer prepared to tolerate. As a result, clients are now sourcing a higher and higher percentage of their purchases over the Interent. Mobilizing to this emerging new paradigm Creem is happy to introduce you to our new online presence, creemlingerie.com

Retail Stores.

Currently Creem operate two retail outlets in Perth Australia.

[1] Creem Lingerie, The Concourse, Perth Railway Station, Wellington St Perth CBD. Ph. 6182210292

[2] Creem Lingerie, 96 Barrack St Perth CBD. Ph. 6182021711  .